The wood stove Fiemme is perfect for every decoration style, for people who like seeing the fire.

Technical Data

Majolica: gamma shiny white/shiny black
Overall dimensions: cm W 100 - D 50 - H 123 (with tower H 151)
Nominal heat output: kw 6,5
Maximum heat output: kw 12
Insert model: Adour 600 S/T
Weight: kg 315
Smoke exhaust: ∅ 15 cm
N' 2 channeling ducts: ∅ 8 cm
External vent: ∅ 8 cm
Energetic class: A+
Environmental classification: 4 stars
Environmental classification: 5 stars
Features: LONG AUTONOMY: triple combustion in a single register
Ash recovery with drawer
Optional: automatic or manual FAN
CANALIZED with 2 hot air outlets
HERMETIC with external air intake

Create your own stove

Many solutions and ideas to customize your stove , to create one sole piece to express your style.
Here below some pieces recommended from us.

watch all the stove's customization.

Heat and decorate your house with "La Fuente" stove