Operation of the stove


Legna - Berlino ambientata

In order to load the stove in the optimal way, it is advisable to distribute the wood pieces the one near to the other so that you can obtain a basis where you can put other wood lines on. Switch it on from the front, close the little door, open the air regulation until fire is in, now you can close the air regulation obtaining in this way the optimal combustion. During the first phase of combustion, while the stove is still cold, the humidity evaporates and it can provoke more smoke exits. It is better not to open the little door until there is fire, it could provoke an inside depression and so a unpleasant exit of smokes. Put again wood when there isn’t fire anymore but only embers. Thanks to the constructive procedure our stove will give you excellent results even with few wood, giving heat practically immediate in each moment of the day.

Heat and decorate your house with "La Fuente" stove