Energy save and ecology

During last decade it has been rediscovered the use of wood as combustible for heating, both for economic interests , and for environmental conservation.

Firewood, contrary to fossil fuels ( petrol or natural gas ) are an inexhaustible and renewing power source , which we have available locally and without necessity of long and polluting transport. Moreover they don’t contribute to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Consequently it reduces the risks of greenhouse effects.

The combustion of La Fuente stoves guarantees a high heat output and it doesn’t release CO2 exceeding the natural cycle.

Data showed in june 2017 of Aiel compare the costs of the various energy source.

In order to produce a Mwh (megawatt for hour) it cost:

  • 233 € with gpl
  • 75 € with natural gas
  • 132 € with diesel fuel
  • 65 € with packed pellet
  • 65 € with unpacked pellet
  • 41 € with wood
  • 27 € with cippato
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