Exhaust pipe


Following the directives of the Law 615, the smoke pipe must be built with suitable materials and have internal diameter size not inferior to 220 mm; the minimum length must be at least 4,50 meters and the end of the chimney pot must stick out for at least one meter in the deck reflux zone and from the top of a obstacle if these are at a distance inferior to 10 meters.
Chimneys must be built with suitable materials (i.e. stainless steel) and perfectly isolated with such characteristics in order not to permit temperature lowering (non-conducting).
The inside walls must be perfectly smooth and must not have narrowing or prominences along all the length in order not to create attrition and vortexes in the smoke with a great draught reduction.
A possible cleaning and inspection door must be perfectly closed.
Before stove installation on a old fireplace, respect what above mentioned, the section must be not too small and not too big.
If it is too big, reduce it by introducing a metal tube and some isolating material between the section and the fireplace.
There mustn't be openings or cracks where cold air could come into, decreasing the smoke temperature and prejudicing the draught.
There mustn't be impediments provoked by extraneous elements or by soot deposits accumulated during years of operation.
Please avoid horizontal lines and negative inclinations and also too narrow curves. It is suggested the first section that exits from the stove is vertical.
The link line that enters in the smoke pipe must be introduced for few centimetres without reducing the section of the smoke pipe.
Seal carefully the links in the graft points especially where the link enters the smoke pipe.
The smoke pipe must have the following requirements:

  • It must be installed with anti-condensation. It is compulsory to assemble male tubes downwards;
  • It mustn’t be linked with other fireplaces, stoves or boilers or aspirant cloak of any kind;
  • It must be adequately outdistanced from combustible or inflammable materials through the use of air space o suitable isolating material;
  • Never use in the same space two stoves, a fireplace and a stove and a wood stove, because the draught of one of them could damage the draught of the other. Ventilation collective ducts are not allowed, they could give depression to the installation space, even if they are installed in adjacent spaces and communicating with the installation space;
  • It is forbidden the installation inside the smoke pipe, even if oversized, of other air adduction canals and of pipes for installation use;
  • It is advisable that the smoke pipe has a space for the solid materials and even condense harvest , located under the entrance of the pipe, so that it can be easily opened for inspections from a little airtight door.
  • If smoke pipe with parallel exits are used, it is advisable to lift with one element the upwind pipe.
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